We have a variety of mulch, stone, soil, and other miscellaneous items available for sale at our shop. Stop in today or ask about local delivery.

  • ​Colored (Dyed Black, Dyed Red, Dyed Brown) $34 per cubic yard
  • Natural double Ground $28 cu yard
  • Hemlock $42 cu yard
  • Topsoil
  • Modified gravel
  • Bag Organic Valley garden soil 
  • Bag Organic valley potting mix

Yellow Pea Stone $150/cu. yard

Crushed Granite #2  $120/cu. yard

VolcanicStone $140/cu. yard

Dixie Pink Stone $180/cu. yard

Creek Rounds $150/cu. yard

Maryland Beach Stone #4 $150/cu. yard

White marble chips $130/cu. yard

Iriquois Red Stone $120/cu. yard


 $120/cu. yard

#4 Crushed Blue stone 

$45/cu. yard

  • Landscaping fabric
  • Wood pallets
  • Railroad ties
  • Sand

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